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We would be glad to share our sweet experiences with you. Years of activities besides helpful experiences are our credit. We would present our activities record of 40 years in various artistic fields to our customers.

Producing more than ten films, writing more than thirty motion pictures, producing television serials in the social films, films according to Islamic rules, films for children and so on as well as advertisements and television advertisements as well as making pictures from you that is taking photographs from your sweet memories for example marriage ceremony, birth day and various ceremonies are a part of our experiences.

We wish to experience sweet memories with you with the cooperation’s of our colleagues in Canada and other parts of the world.
We will wait for you.

Who We Are!

Over 40 years of experience in the Cinematographic, Artistic and Advertisement fields, excellent customer service, and thousands of satisfied customers is what makes us unique in what we have to offer and extremely proud of our achievements!

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